Images on Virtually Any
Smart Device

Clarius will operate with any iOS or Android smart device using an app.

With Clarius, great image quality is just the beginning

Clarius is the only handheld wireless ultrasound machine that doesn’t compromise on image quality. It offers high resolution ultrasound images that are as good as the best traditional point-of-care systems.


Clarius uses a secure point-to-point wireless network to connect to the app on the device or devices you choose for imaging.


With automated gain and frequency settings, Clarius is designed to be almost as easy as using the camera on your smart phone.


iOS or Android? You choose. Clarius operates with most iOS or Android smart device.


With its magnesium shell, we’ve built Clarius to withstand busy hospitals and other unpredictable environments.


We can’t talk about pricing yet but rest assured, you’ll be able to buy several Clarius scanners for the price of a traditional hiqh quality point-of-care ultrasound system.

See What's Coming

Watch the video to hear about our inspiration for Clarius and to learn more about our Point-and-Shoot Ultrasound™ device that works with virtually any smart device.

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Who We Are

Clarius Mobile Health is a new company founded by ultrasound experts who’ve been innovating since the last century.

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Clarius is a work in progress and not cleared for sale.
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