Clarius Research

Collect RF Data Once. Access Anywhere.

Clarius is an ultrasound scanner that works with an app on your iOS or Android smart phone. Data captured with a Clarius Scanner for Research is easily saved to the Clarius Cloud for access anywhere.


Collect RF Data Once. Access Anywhere.

Data captured with Clarius is easily stored, shared and accessible on the Clarius Cloud.

60 MHz Sampling
14 Bits Resolution
High Frame Rates
3 Scanner Models
RF/IQ/B Data
Reproducible Scans
4 Beamformers
Doppler Options
Streaming API

Clarius Research Architecture

The Clarius Ultrasound Ecosystem consists of the Clarius Scanner, the Clarius App, and the Clarius Cloud. A license is now available for medical research.

  • Wireless

    Clarius uses WiFi Direct to connect to the app on the device or devices you choose for imaging.

  • Cloud

    Collect your RF data once and share and view it anywhere from the Clarius Cloud.

  • Automated

    With automated gain and frequency settings, reproducible scans are simple and consistent.

  • App-based

    iOS or Android? You choose. Clarius operates with most iOS or Android smart devices.

  • Affordable

    A Clarius Scanner costs about the same as a traditional high quality transducer.

  • Compass

    Mounting tracking devices is easy with no cables in the way.