Clarius Research

Collect RF Data Once. Access Anywhere.

Clarius is an ultrasound scanner that works with an app on your iOS or Android smart phone. Data captured with a Clarius Scanner for Research is easily saved to the Clarius Cloud for access anywhere.

A smart phone with the Clarius App placed on top of a laptop

Collect RF Data Once. Access Anywhere.

Data captured with Clarius is easily stored, shared and accessible on the Clarius Cloud.

60 MHz Sampling
14 Bits Resolution
High Frame Rates
3 Scanner Models
RF/IQ/B Data
Reproducible Scans
4 Beamformers
Doppler Options
Streaming API

Clarius Research Architecture

The Clarius Ultrasound Ecosystem consists of the Clarius Scanner, the Clarius App, and the Clarius Cloud. A license is now available for medical research.

  • Wireless icon

    Clarius uses Wi-Fi Direct to connect to the app on the device or devices you choose for imaging.

  • Cloud

    Collect your RF data once and share and view it anywhere from the Clarius Cloud.

  • Automated

    With automated gain and frequency settings, reproducible scans are simple and consistent.

  • App-based

    iOS or Android? You choose. Clarius operates with most iOS or Android smart devices.

  • Affordable

    A Clarius Scanner costs about the same as a traditional high quality transducer.

  • Compass icon

    Mounting tracking devices is easy with no cables in the way.