Images on Virtually Any
Smart Device

Clarius will operate with any iOS or Android smart device using an app.

With Clarius, great image quality is just the beginning

Clarius is the only handheld wireless ultrasound machine that doesn’t compromise on image quality. It offers high resolution ultrasound images that are as good as the best traditional point-of-care systems.


Clarius uses a secure point-to-point wireless network to connect to the app on the device or devices you choose for imaging.


With automated gain and frequency settings, Clarius is designed to be almost as easy as using the camera on your smart phone.


Save, share, review and manage your ultrasound images privately on the secure Clarius Cloud.


Sealed and built with a durable magnesium shell, Clarius has an IPX7 immersion rating making it easy to clean and disinfect.


A Clarius Scanner costs about the same as a traditional high quality transducer

Clarius Eclipse: Our Most Important Release This Year

Two Transducers in One

The Clarius C3 operates as both a convex array and a virtual phased array probe.

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Is Clarius Right for You?

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We are Ultrasound Innovators

Our founders have worked in the ultrasound industry for 30+ years.

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“ There are no cables, no need to find a plug, no need to have a large room to allow for bulky equipment. I literally walk into a room with the patient and can begin scanning.”

Dr. Kevin Irish


“As an emergency physician inside and outside the hospital, I encounter various degrees of trauma. I can carry Clarius wherever I go to help me triage patients more quickly.”

Dr. Geoff Sanz

Emergency Medicine

“Having used Clarius in an educational setting, I am excited about its potential to put ultrasound into the hands of more clinicians. Besides being portable and easy to use, I'm very impressed by the image quality produced by such a compact ultrasound machine.”

Dr. Thomas Cook

Emergency Medicine / Ultrasound Education