About Us

Designed by ultrasound innovators

Clarius Mobile Health was founded by experienced innovators who have played an instrumental role in the ultrasound industry. Our developers were the brains behind the first PC-based platform for ultrasound research. They also introduced the first touch screen ultrasound system with a simplified user interface.

“We had three clear goals when we set out to develop Clarius: to deliver an ultra-portable system for medical professionals that does not compromise on image quality; to remove the cords that get in the way, and to make sure the Clarius App offers the flexibility to work reliably with both iOS and Android smart devices,” said Clarius CEO, Laurent Pelissier.

Are you still tethered to your ultrasound machine?

Designed for physicians who rely on high-resolution ultrasound images, Clarius uses an app to pair without wires with most iOS or Android smart devices. With automated gain and frequency settings, Clarius is simple to use for quick looks and procedure guidance.

Why Choose Clarius?


Every day, Clarius invents new ways to push the boundaries of ultrasound technology.


Collectively, the Clarius team has decades of ultrasound knowledge in R&D, manufacturing, operations, sales and marketing.


We’re just getting started. Clarius is committed to improving patient care by enabling more clinicians to use ultrasound.

Clarius Innovation Team Collage

How We Did It

Clarius started with a simple mission: to enable more clinicians to use ultrasound to improve patient care. Then we talked to users. We listened to physicians who wished for an ultrasound device that works with their iPhone. We heard from new users of ultrasound who asked for a device that is easy to use and more affordable. We talked to clinicians who have tried other handheld ultrasound devices and wanted better image quality and more flexibility.