Some comments from our early users


Clarius has amazing image quality for such a small device. It’s better than a traditional ultrasound machine because I carry it everywhere in my pocket and it’s so easy to use the Clarius App on my phone.

Dr. Gert-Jan Mauritz
Emergency Medicine


With no cords and portable size, the Clarius device will be very easy to bring to the bedside and to go from one patient to the next. I’m impressed with the ability to use the convex transducer as a phased array to capture very good cardiac images. It’s convenient to use one scanner for the abdomen, lungs and the heart.

Shane Arishenkoff, MD FRCPC
Internal Medicine / Medical Education
Vancouver, BC, Canada


The Clarius device is an interesting educational tool because it allows the power of a full ultrasound machine to be in the hands of students. They can have it at the bedside; they can have it in their pocket to have it with them wherever they are.  Going forward, I see it being something that they will be able to use on a daily basis on the wards and with patients that they see.

Petter Tonseth, MD
Radiology / Medical Education
Victoria, BC, Canada


As a radiologist, the main pros for using Clarius is its portability and ease of use. There are no cables, no need to find a plug, no need to have a large room to allow for bulky equipment. I literally walk into a room with the patient and can begin scanning.

Kevin Irish, MD
Courtenay, BC, Canada


As an emergency physician inside and outside the hospital, I encounter various degrees of trauma. I can carry Clarius wherever I go to help me triage patients more quickly.

Geoff Sanz, MD
Emergency Medicine
Kelowna, BC, Canada


Having used Clarius in an educational setting, I am excited about its potential to put ultrasound into the hands of more clinicians. Besides being portable and easy to use, I'm very impressed by the image quality produced by such a compact ultrasound machine.

Thomas Cook, MD FACEP
Emergency Medicine / Ultrasound Education
Columbia, SC, USA


I have had multiple trainees and experienced PoCUS users trial the device - they have been impressed with the quality of the imaging - sufficient to answer the point of care clinical questions relevant to General Internal Medicine.  My two PGY-1s have the two Clarius C3s, and they are constantly scanning --  they are practicing because of the availability and portability of the device.  In particular, the Cloud has been the game changer for me from an ultrasound education perspective - the auto-upload and ability for annotation and feedback.

Barry Chan, MD
Internal Medicine
Kingston, ON, Canada

Clarius is the future of patient care. The image quality is amazing for any scanner, much less one that fits in my pocket. The ability to wirelessly connect it to any Apple or Android device means that anyone on my team can use it with whatever they already carry around in their pocket.

Steven Steinhubl, MD
Cardiology/Digital Medicine
San Diego, CA, USA

I am now able to perform an ultrasound of the neck during a routine ENT appointment thanks to Clarius.

Vinod Bharadwaj, MD
Kitchener, ON, Canada